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In 2008, Dan Gerstein founded Gotham Ghostwriters. Today, Gotham is the nation's premier ghostwriting agency.


Here's a bit about the "write" partner for you:

Have a brilliant idea for a book to grow your platform, but don’t know where to start? Need to give a high-stakes speech at a major conference, but don’t have a speechwriting pro on your team? Want to publish a delicately worded op-ed to explain a controversial argument, but can’t find a writer you trust?

With 1,900 editorial specialists in our network — and connections to a larger universe of 20,000 freelance pros — we have the unparalleled ability to find the right writing partner for your priorities.

And through our extensive industry relationships with literary agents, publishers, media outlets, and PR and marketing consultants, we can also help you find the right publishing path for your stories and get the most impact for your ideas.

To learn more, visit GothamGhostwriters.com.